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Dr. Leonard Primiano to lecture on ex votos

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lecture: Leonard Primiano, Professor of Religion, Cabrini College

"The material and visual life of Ex Votos in vernacular Christianity"

Malott Room, Student Union - 7-9pm

Leonard Primiano is an elected member of the Executive Board of the American Folklore Society, co-chair of the Folk Belief and Religious Folklife chapter of the American Folklore Society, and  co-chair of the Space, Place, and Religious Meaning Consultation of the American Academy of Religion. He specializes in the history of Christianity, vernacular religion, religious folklife, contemporary moral problems, and contemporary American religion. He co-produced The Father Divine Project, a multimedia documentary and video podcast about Father Divine, Mother Divine, and the Peace Mission Movement (http://scalar.usc.edu/nehvectors/luers-primiano

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