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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Each academic year, the Department of Religious Studies awards Graduate Teaching Assistantships to around 5 qualified graduated students. GTAs will be required to assist the instructor with 1 Religious Studies principal course each semester. The Religious Studies faculty decides the assignment of GTAs to specific courses. GTA salary FY 2019-2020 starts at $17,000 for the academic year. In addition to the stipend, all tuition costs and up to 50% of course fees are covered.

Apply for Department of Religious Studies Graduate Teaching Appointments

Deadline to apply: January 15, 2019

The Department will review each application carefully and make a recommendation based on the quality of the applicant. Interviews may be conducted if deemed necessary. A GTA appointment is for a one-year term and typically renewable only once.

GTA duties include but are not limited to:

     - Grading of examinations and papers

     - Interaction with students regarding grading and course concerns

     - Occasionally lecture under supervision of faculty

     - Maintaining course records: roster, grades, etc.

     - Regular attendance in class

     - Leading discussion class sections, if required by the structure of the course


The prospective GTA needs to meet all employment eligibility requirements as set by the University of Kansas and the Kansas Board of Regents. Please see additional resources regarding GTA appointments: 

     -GTA Memorandum of Agreement

     -GTA Appointment Eligibility

     -Full list of GTA benefits

     -English proficiency guidelines for GTA eligibility


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