Spring 2020 Courses

REL/JWSH 107. Jews, Christians, Muslims. 3 Hours HR AE42/GE3H / H.

A basic introduction to the major religious traditions of the Near East, Europe, and the Americas, with an emphasis on their development through the modern period and their expressions in contemporary life. Not open to students who have taken JWSH 109 or REL 109. (Same as JWSH 107.) LEC.

Brody, Samuel. TR 2:30-3:45pm. Summerfield 427. GTA: Renee Cyr.

REL/JWSH 124. Understanding the Bible. 3 Hours HR AE42/GE3H / H.

An introduction to the literature of the Bible, exploring the relationships among the various types of literature present and the function of each type in the history and religious life of the people who produced and used them. Cannot be taken concurrently with REL 311 or JWSH 321 or REL 315. Not open to students who have taken REL 125 or JWSH 125. (Same as JWSH 124.) LEC.

Mirecki, Paul. MW 11-11:50am. Smith 100. GTA: Jacob Beebe.

Discussion Sections:         W 3-3:50pm. Smith 206.

                                          F 10-10:50am. Smith 208.

                                         F 11-11:50am. Smith 208.          

REL/JWSH 125. Understanding the Bible, Honors. 3 Hours HR AE42/GE3H / H.

An introduction to the literature of the Bible, exploring the relationships among the various types of literature present and the function of each type in history and religious life of the people who produced and used them. Open only to students in the University Honors Program or by permission of instructor. Not open to students who have taken REL 124 or JWSH 124. (Same as JWSH 125.) LEC.

Zahn, Molly. TR 1-2:15pm. SMI 107.

REL 171/AMS 290. Religion in American Society. 3 Hours HR AE41/GE3H / H.

A broad introduction to religion in American culture. This class emphasizes the well-established religions with large followings (viz. Judaism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism). Some attention is also given to other religions active in America. Other topics covered include the relationship of church and state, religion in ethnic and racial minority groups, and women and religion. Not open to students who have taken REL 172. (Same as AMS 290.) LEC.

Schwaller, Rachel. TR 11-12:15pm. Smith 100. GTA: Darby Breaux.

REL 315. History and Literature of Early Christianity. 3 Hours H/W.

An examination of the literature produced by early Christians. In addition to New Testament texts, the course includes a broad range of diverse texts produced by early Christians, Jews, and others. Prerequisite: REL 124 or permission of instructor. LEC.

Mirecki, Paul. MW 12:30-1:45pm. SMI 206.

REL/JWSH 323. Jewish World of Jesus. 3 Hours H.

This course offers an introduction to the figure of Jesus in his ancient Jewish context. What was Jewish life like in Jesus’s time? What did the early Jesus movement share with other forms of Judaism, and how did it differ? Evidence from the New Testament, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other textual and archaeological sources will be used to explore the first-century Jewish society of which both Jesus and the first Christians were a part.

Zahn, Molly. TR 11-12:15pm. SMI 208.

REL/JWSH 325. Introduction to Judaism. 3 Hours H.

Analyzes a selection of the core texts, teachings, and practices of Jewish religious traditions in terms of classical and contemporary understanding. (Same as JWSH 325.) LEC.

Brody, Samuel. ONLINE. 3/23/20-5/15/20. GTA: Jannatul Maoa.

REL 357/657. Women and Gender in Islam. 3 Hours H.

Focusing on issues of gender, this course follows major religious developments in the Islamic tradition. Also examines how Muslim women have impacted those developments. (Not open to students who have taken REL 657.) LEC.

Brinton, Jacquelene. MW 11-12:15pm. SMI 208.

REL 360/GIST 502. The Buddhist Tradition in Asia. 3 Hours NW AE42/GE3H / H.

A historical and geographical survey of the Buddhist tradition from its origins in India to modern day developments in the three major regional Buddhist cultures of Southeast Asia, Tibet, and East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan). Prerequisite: Prior coursework in Asian studies or permission of instructor. LEC.

Stevenson, Daniel. ONLINE. 1/21/20-3/13/20. GTA: Jannatul Maoa.

REL 377. Religious Ethics and Moral Decisions. 3 Hours AE51 / H.

When faced with ethical dilemmas how do we decide what is the right course of action? In what ways are our decisions affected by religious ideas about morality? In this class we examine the ethical problems we encounter every day in light of the solutions offered from various religious traditions. Cases to be examined include issues of life and death, war and peace, sexual morals, torture, the treatment of animals and the environment. LEC.

Brinton, Jacquelene. ONLINE. 1/21/20-5/15/20. GTA: Sam Thomas.  

REL 380/PHIL 350. Philosophical Issues in Religion. 3 Hours GE3H / H.

This course will consider, from a philosophical perspective, some of the problems in religion which arise in the development of "Natural Theology" broadly conceived. (Same as PHIL 350.) LEC.

Zimdars-Swartz, Paul. TR 1-2:15. SMI 208.

REL 490. Senior Seminar in Theories and Methods. 3 Hours AE61 / H.

A capstone course for religious studies majors to survey methods and theories in religious studies. Prerequisite: Religious Studies major or permission of the instructor. LEC.

Stevenson, Daniel. TR 4-5:15pm. Smith 206.

REL 875. Topics in Religion and Society: Case Studies in the United States. 3 Hours.

Special topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes, according to research interests of faculty and students. A particular aspect of the study of religion and culture will be emphasized. Course may be taken more than once if the subject matter varies. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. LEC.

Zogry, Michael. W 12:30-3pm. Smith 208.

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