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Religious Studies Graduate Program

Certificate Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Religious Studies is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in the academic study of religion, including exposure to key theoretical and methodological issues within the interdisciplinary field of Religious Studies. The certificate program enables students to integrate Religious Studies methodologies, as well as deeper knowledge of particular religious traditions, into their own academic interests or professional training.

Completion of the certificate in Religious Studies represents an additional credential for graduate students from a variety of academic disciplines and fields of study. The certificate will enhance the qualifications of students seeking careers in research and teaching, journalism, the nonprofit sector, government, the arts, or any other field in which understanding the breadth of human cultural diversity is useful.

Enrollment in the program is open to students admitted to a regular KU graduate program as well as students who are not currently enrolled at KU.

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Religious Studies Success Stories

TODAY: Religious Studies Club meeting at 4:30pm in Smith Hall 109. TOMORROW: - Visiting Scholar in Religion Dr. Ce… https://t.co/svK4I1eiFf