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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Each academic year the Department of Religious Studies awards Graduate Teaching Assistantships to around five qualified graduated students. 

DUTIES: GTAs will be required to assist the instructor with one Religious Studies principal course each semester. The religious studies faculty decides the assignment of GTAs to specific courses. GTA duties include but are not limited to: - Grading of examinations and papers - Interaction with students regarding grading and course concerns - Occasionally lecture under supervision of faculty - Maintaining course records: roster, grades, etc. - Regular attendance in class - Leading discussion class sections, if required by the structure of the course

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: The prospective GTA needs to be a graduate student in good standing in the M.A. program in Religious Studies at the University of Kansas and be enrolled in six hours or more.

COMPENSATION: Salary starts at $13,000 for the academic year. In addition to the stipend, tuition costs (in state or out of state) are covered as well.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING: Applicants must submit the following documents to the Department Chairperson:
- A current resume
- A letter of interest. In the case of entering students, this letter should clearly state the applicant's academic goals and how the GTA position will contribute toward achieving those goals. The letter should also include relevant experience. In the case of returning students, the letter may be very brief – a few lines stating area of concentration and course preferences. Please be aware that specific course assignments will be made on the basis of department need.
- A GTA applying for a second year assistantship must submit a faculty evaluation of his or her work.

The Department will review each application carefully and make a recommendation based on the quality of the applicant. Interviews may be conducted if deemed necessary. A GTA appointment is for a one-year term and typically renewable only once.

Please email or deliver completed applications to:
Patricia Baudino Cecil
University of Kansas Department of Religious Studies
1300 Oread Avenue
101 Smith Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045
phone: 785-864-4341
e-mail: trish04@ku.edu

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