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Religious Studies Undergraduate Program

KU students can now complete an undergraduate minor in religious studies online. The online minor is an 18-hour program that allows you to develop an understanding of religious diversity while pursuing a different major field of study. You will gain knowledge of the world's many religions, cultures, and customs and an education that is valuble in business, medicine, journalism, law, and other professions. The online minor can be completed entirely online or with a mix of online and classroom courses.

Course offered online*:

REL 104 Introduction to Religious Studies

REL 106 Asian Religions. Coming Spring 2020.

REL 107 Jews, Christians, Muslims

REL 124 Understanding the Bible

REL 325 Introduction to Judaism

REL 350 Islam

REL 360 The Buddhist Tradition in Asia

REL 377 Religious Ethics and Moral Decisions

*Students should check the current schedule of classes in Enroll and Pay or http://religiousstudies.ku.edu/religious-studies-courses for the most up-to-date listings of online courses offered.


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Religious Studies Success Stories

TODAY: Religious Studies Club meeting at 4:30pm in Smith Hall 109. TOMORROW: - Visiting Scholar in Religion Dr. Ce… https://t.co/svK4I1eiFf