Spring 2018 Courses

REL 104. Introduction to Religious Studies. 3 Hours HR GE11/GE3H / H.

This course introduces students to the academic study of religions. It acquaints students with key methods and issues in religious studies, and provides an introductory survey of selected religions. Not open to students who have taken REL 105. LEC.

Brody, Samuel. TR 1-2:15pm. SMI 100.

REL 106/EALC 105. Asian Religions. 3 Hours HR/NW AE42/GE3H / H/W.

A basic introduction to religion in India, China, and Japan with emphasis upon religions that affect the modern period. Not open to students who have taken REL 108/EALC 108. (Same as EALC 105.) LEC.

Lindsey, William. MWF 10-10:50am.  SMI 100.

REL 107/JWSH 107. Jews, Christians, Muslims. 3 Hours HR AE42/GE3H / H.

A basic introduction to the major religious traditions of the Near East, Europe, and the Americas, with an emphasis on their development through the modern period and their expressions in contemporary life. Not open to students who have taken JWSH 109 or REL 109. (Same as JWSH 107.) LEC.

Zahn, Molly. ONLINE.

REL 124/JWSH 124. Understanding the Bible. 3 Hours HR AE42/GE3H / H.

An introduction to the literature of the Bible, exploring the relationships among the various types of literature present and the function of each type in the history and religious life of the people who produced and used them. Cannot be taken concurrently with REL 311 or JWSH 321 or REL 315. Not open to students who have taken REL 125 or JWSH 125. (Same as JWSH 124.) LEC.

Mirecki, Paul. MW 11-11:50am. SMI 100.

Discussion Sections:

W 3-3:50pm. Smith 206.

F 10-10:50am. Smith 208.

F 11-11:50am. Smith 208.

F 1-1:50pm. Smith 208.

REL 171/AMS 290. Religion in American Society. 3 Hours HR AE41/GE3H / H.

A broad introduction to religion in American culture. This class emphasizes the well-established religions with large followings (viz. Judaism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism). Some attention is also given to other religions active in America. Other topics covered include the relationship of church and state, religion in ethnic and racial minority groups, and women and religion. Not open to students who have taken REL 172. (Same as AMS 290.) LEC.

Miller, Timothy. TR 11-12:15pm. SMI 100.

REL 320. The Bible Then and Now. 3 Hours.

An introduction and survey of the history and interpretation of the Jewish and Christian bibles from their first formation to the present day. Students will explore the way the text, interpretation and format of the Bible have adjusted over time to accommodate religious, political, social and technological changes. Class will occasionally meet in the university's rare book collection to study rare bibles. (Same as JWSH 320.) LEC.

Mirecki, Paul. MW 1:30-2:45pm. SMI 108.

REL 345. Christianity. 3 Hours H.

An introductory examination of the history, doctrines, and practices of Christianity. Selected readings from the creeds, papal decrees, and major Christian theologians. LEC.

Zimdars-Swartz, Paul. TR 2:30-3:45pm. SMI 206.

REL 360/GIST 502. The Buddhist Tradition in Asia. 3 Hours NW AE42/GE3H / H.

A historical and geographical survey of the Buddhist tradition from its origins in India to modern day developments in the three major regional Buddhist cultures of Southeast Asia, Tibet, and East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan). Prerequisite: Prior coursework in Asian studies or permission of instructor. LEC.

Stevenson, Daniel. TR 11-12:15pm. SMI 107.

REL 490. Senior Seminar in Theories and Methods. 3 Hours AE61 / H.

A capstone course for religious studies majors to survey methods and theories in religious studies. Prerequisite: Religious Studies major or permission of the instructor. LEC.

Stevenson, Daniel. TR 4-5:15pm. SMI 107.

REL 494. Research Internship. 3 Hours S.

Practical research experience in Religious Studies gained by assisting a faculty member on a faculty research, editorial, pedagogical, or outreach project. Credit hours are graded by faculty on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. May be used as a component of the Research Experience Program (REP). Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. LEC.

Miller, Timothy. TBA.

REL 525/JWSH 525. Jews and Christians. 3 Hours H/W.

This course examines the ways Jews and Christians have interacted with and characterized one another at various points in their histories. Special emphasis is placed on the gradual separation of the two religious traditions in the 1st-4th centuries. (Same as JWSH 525.) Prerequisite: A previous course in Religious Studies or Jewish Studies; or consent of instructor. LEC.

Zahn, Molly. TR 1-2:15pm.  SMI 107.

REL 572/JWSH 562. Judaism and Political Theology. 3 Hours H.

A consideration of the relationship between religion and politics in Judaism, and of the relevance of Judaism to broader discussions about religion and politics. Topics will include sovereignty, secularization, pluralism, democracy, and revolution. (Same as JWSH 562.) Prerequisite: At least one course in Jewish Studies or Religious Studies, or permission of instructor. LEC.

Brody, Samuel.  TR 4-5:15pm. SMI 208.

REL 671. American Communes. 3 Hours H.

An examination of utopian communities in North America from the seventeenth century to the present. The course will survey the history, literature, and social dynamics of representative communal societies and movements including the Shakers, the Hutterites, the Oneida Community, Catholic religious communities, egalitarian communities, and other religious and secular communities. LEC.

Miller, Timothy.  TR 2:30-3:45pm SMI 107.

REL 737. Seminar in Religion, Media and Performance. 3 Hours.

This seminar explores aspects of performance and the media of performance in lived religion, which might include such topics as ritual, the body, mass media and the internet, and visual and material culture. Specific case studies and content to be selected by the instructor. SEM.

Lindsey, William. W 4-6:30pm. SMI 208.

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