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April 18-19, 2024

Jewish Studies at KU

Conference Information

The Center of Global and International Studies and the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Kansas are pleased to announce the "Jews in the Americas” conference, April 18th and 19th, 2024. This hybrid and interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars from a variety of fields, including history, religion, sociology, politics, anthropology, literature, and the arts, to explore the rich and diverse experiences of Jews in the Americas.

Conference Organizers, Support Staff, and Sponsors

The "Jews in the Americas" conference is organized by the Center of Global And International Studies & the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Kansas. The academic committee is made up of Dr. Luciano Tosta, Dr. Sam Brody, and Dr. Rami Zeedan. Assistant to the academic committee- Ms. Mira Briana Haydu. Conference management team: Ms. Tyra Kalman and Ms. Jennifer Duhamel. The conference support team includes Dominique Stringer (curator of the exhibit at KU Hillel) and Jewish Studies student employees- Zac Kitay, Bree Katz, and Sammi Grofsky. At the Spencer Museum of Art: Celka Strughn and Ruby Mackinnon-Love. At Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center: Sunnie Clapsaddle. This event is made possible thanks to the support of our campus sponsors and partners at the University of Kansas: