Patrisse Collurs performs at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. Image credit: Whitney Skauge.

Patrisse Cullors at KU

Join activist, artist and abolitionist Patrisse Cullors will visit the University of Kansas on April 10–11 2024 as she presents two free public programs.

KU Religious Studies Faculty with Patrisse Cullors

Opening Up

Nikia Smith Robert, Patrisse Cullors, Jacquelene Brinton, Samuel Brody, Carter Higgins and Michael Zogry at the Emmett Till & Mamie Till-Mobley exhibit at the Spencer Museum of Art.

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Our Collective Imagination Will Set Us Free

The Department of Religious Studies at KU invites you to watch an inspiring evening of exploration and conversation with acclaimed activist, artist, and abolitionist, Patrisse Cullors.

Special thanks to Allison Muzzy for providing additional footage.
Patrisse Cullors Headshot_Credit Ryan Pfluger

Patrisse Cullors is a New York Times bestselling author, educator, artist, and abolitionist from
Los Angeles. Patrisse invites us to grow towards abolition through intergenerational healing
work that centers love, collective care, and art.

Patrisse Cullors
Artist and Abolitionist

On Campus

John Brown Painting

Learn more about Abolition in Kansas

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This course connects the history of Kansas to past and present freedom movements. We will explore the significance of the KU Jay Hawk during 19th century anti-slavery struggles in Lawrence and “Bleeding Kansas.”
Patrisse Cullors Credit Jonny Wagner/ Spencer Museum of Art

Opening Up

Abolitionist Patrisse Cullors performs ceremony in honor of Emmett Till
Emmitt Till River Site Sign Credit Spencer Museum of Art

Emmett Till & Mamie Till-Mobley: Let the World See

"Let the world see what they did to my boy” were the heart-wrenching words spoken by Mamie Till-Mobley
Patrisse Cullors Lecture Credit Allison Muzzy

Our Collective Imagination Will Set Us Free

In a thought-provoking lecture, Patrisse delves into the intersection of abolition and art, inviting us to reimagine our collective future and the transformative power of creativity.