Religious Observances

Happy Passover!

There are several different Passover greetings, depending on what language you’d prefer and how observant the person you’re sending your well-wishes to is.

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We are committed to equity and inclusion in our policies, practices, and protocols for respecting the religious observances of all members of the Jayhawk community. 

Below is a list of religious observances that were compiled by the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in consultation with Religious Studies. It is not an exhaustive list and we appreciate your feedback. 

Please utilize the table of dates when planning academic deadlines, committee meetings, events, or activities. To ensure that students, staff, and faculty are able to participate in University activities, we strongly encourage you to avoid scheduling in conflict with spiritual days of significance. 

Students who plan to observe religious holidays should submit the Religious Accommodations Form below to inform instructors of the day(s) they intend to be absent due to religious observance. Students are responsible for informing their instructors of an absence before the absence occurs with as much advance notice as possible Policy 2.2.4. Doing so allows enough time for you and your professors to prepare accordingly and/or have a discussion “to find a mutually agreeable resolution.” That stipulation is outlined in Policy 2.2.6.

Staff and faculty should review the list of religious observances below – make note of the dates and recommended accommodations. Planning ahead for the needs of your students and colleagues is a meaningful way to be inclusive of religious diversity. Please note that the University Senate Rules & Regulations (USRR)  prohibits testing and examinations from being held on mandated religious observances, and policy 1.4.3 states that "A university excused absence is an absence for which a student cannot be penalized and shall receive an accommodation for completing the missed work." This includes "all course requirements, including any final examinations, quizzes, in class work, and tests other than final examinations. In cases where part of a class grade is based on attendance, a student shall not be penalized for missing class due to a university excused absence." Policy 2.2.2.

Staff and faculty who wish to observe religious holidays that occur during their typical days or times should work with their supervisors to find mutually acceptable solutions. They may consider the Work Schedules and Flex Time policy and other relevant University policies in their discussions.

The upcoming religious holidays listed is sorted in three different ways. At the top of the page you can choose to view sorted by: Name, Date, or Religion. You can also use the Find function of your operating system to search for specific names and dates. (Control + F for windows; Command + F for Mac)