Barrow, Return, Renew Policies

The date your item is due is stamped in the MRR card pocket within your item. Please take note of this, and return or renew on or before your item’s due date. The day your item is due, we will send you an email notice. If the book is returned or renewed within the two-week grace period, you will incur no fine. A second email notice is sent at the end of your two-week grace period if you have not returned your item. At this point, the item begins incurring fines until it is returned. If the item becomes four weeks overdue, it is declared lost and you will be responsible for the cost of the book, a $20 maximum fine, and a $15 replacement fee. Billing is handled by the university’s Student Account Services, and unpaid fines and fees will put a hold on your enrollment for the next semester. PLEASE NOTE: If the item is returned BEFORE a hold is put on your student account, we will waive the fees. However, if an item is returned AFTER the hold is put on your account by Student Account Services, fees will not be waived.