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Digital Exhibitions

Moore Reading Room Digital Exhibitions

Moore Reading Room digital exhibitions let visitors experience MRR collections and associated materials through topics related to the Moore Reading Room's mission.


The Study of Religion on Mount Oread

A timeline of the history of the study of religion on the KU campus. Features photos from the collections of the Moore Reading Room and the University Archives.






Department of Religious Studies Elden Tefft Walking Tour 

A self-guided tour of the sculptures of Elden Tefft on the KU campus. 

 Physical copies available in the Moore Reading Room, Smith 109.





The Roots of Pentecostalism in Kansas

Kansas, and especially the capital city of Topeka, provided excellent circumstances for the shaping of new expressions of Christianity at the turn of the twentieth century. The “Roots of Pentecostalism in Kansas” will demonstrate how Kansas’ location as the geographic center of the United States, Topeka’s placement at the intersection of agricultural life and urban life, and the realities of a harsh existence on the Great Plains provided space for religious innovation during a time of great social and economic change.

This exhibit will examine the Kansas roots of this now world-wide religious movement and share with the public how Parham’s movement responded directly to the needs of Topeka’s growing rural and urban poor, with a commitment to provide laboring people a connection to the divine without intermediaries.

"The Roots of Pentecostalism in Kansas" digital exhibit is part of the Department of Religious Studies' Religion in Kansas Project, an endeavor to collect and digitally preserve resources that document the diversity and history of religious experience in Kansas. The Religion in Kansas Project places emphasis on making these resources free to the public and easily accessible online.
Funding for this program was provided by Humanities Kansas, a nonprofit cultural organization that connects communities with history, traditions, and ideas to strengthen civic life.

St. George Orthodox Cathedral

Digital exhibition on the history of St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral and Eighth Day Books, an Orthodox Christian bookstore in Wichita, Kansas.

This digital exhibition was created by Religion in Kansas Project intern Jacob Beebe during the summer of 2019.





Contemporary Pagan Communities of Northeast Kansas

Northeast Kansas has a vibrant, yet secretive Pagan community. There are six active covens in the area and a handful of Pagan groups. Despite the multitude of Wiccans worldwide, it is still a religion many find mysterious and sinister, while others are unaware it even exists. This exhibit endeavors to challenge preconceived notions based on ignorance or fear and help share the beauty and goodness of Paganism. This exhibit explores the major beliefs and practices associated with Wicca and other Pagan religions, Witchcraft and magick, major holidays, rights and discrimination, local covens and groups, Pagan stores and resources, six oral histories from local Pagans, a glossary, and bibliographies for further research.

This digital exhibition was created by Religion in Kansas Project intern Renee Cyr during the summer of 2019.



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