Jacquelene Brinton

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Graduate Director, Religious Studies
Primary office:
Smith Hall
Room 204


Islamic Studies; the role of the ‘ulamā’ in contemporary Islam; popular religion; media and religion; gender; comparative ethics; theories and methods in the study of religion

Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2009

Jacquelene Gottlieb Brinton is Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas. She specializes in Islamic Studies, but also regularly teaches about gender, comparative ethics, and theories and methods in the study of religion.  Dr. Brinton's research and publications focus on contemporary Islam, preachers, media and religion, religious authority, and religion and popular culture. Her 2016 book Preaching Islamic Renewal: Religion, Authority and Media in Contemporary Egypt was published by the University of California Press.

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